Do you believe in magic?


Uncork & Savour - Discovery Pass

Welcome Spring with our new Self-Guided Discovery Pass with Tastings and Savoury Bites

$75.00 Book your tour
  • April 29, 30 and May 6, 7 ONLY
  • Self Guided Experience - at Your Own Pace
  • Designated Driver Pass Available
  • Tastings and Food Pairing Included
  • Choice of 9 stops - You pick 4

Hop On - Hop Off Tour

It’s Back – set your own pace – the return of the adored Hop On-Hop Off Tour

$85.00 Book your tour
  • Day-Long Transportation on board a British Double-Decker
  • Four Incredible Wineries - Tastings Included
  • A Guide to Curate your Journey

Tidal Bay Express Tour

Enjoy ultimate comfort and Nova Scotia’s appellation wine on the Tidal Bay Express Tour

$117.00 Book your tour
  • Day-Long Transportation on board a Luxury Coach
  • Three Wineries and Farm Craft Brewery - Tastings & Small Plates Included
  • A Guide to Curate Your Journey

Magic Winery Bus Tour

Discover Nova Scotia Wine Country on board our charming British Double Decker Bus

$117.00 Book your tour
  • FRIDAY & SUNDAY only
  • Day-Long Transportation on board a British Double-Decker
  • Four Incredible Wineries - Tastings & Lunch included
  • A Guide to Curate your Journey

Why Choose the Magic Winery Bus

Incredible wineries with unforgettable experiences.

Magic Winery Bus is North America’s only wine tour experience on board a traditional British double-decker bus — and so much more. It’s visiting captivating destinations in one day and learning from local winemakers. It’s tasting fabulous wines and discovering the miraculous terroirs they call home. And  —  to toot our own horn  —  it’s a Destination Canada bucket list experience. Find unforgettable views and unmatched hospitality on Magic Winery Bus.

We also offer charter tour packages for the corporate sector, conferences, and large groups.

What to Expect on the Magic Winery Bus

Believe in the magic. We’ll take care of the rest.

On Magic Winery Bus, we take care of the details so you can relax and savour your way through the day. Our guides will elevate your experience. They’re here to share the unique stories of the wine region, answer questions and help you create a phenomenal day, at your own pace.

Here’s what to expect on a Magic Winery Bus tour:


Hop Aboard

Meet the double-decker bus or coach at the pickup location listed on the Routes & Schedules page. Our friendly staff will help you get settled.


Tour & Taste

Get comfortable on the charming British double-decker or luxury coach and leave your worries behind.  You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy wine tastings and explore the wine shops, at your pace.


Explore More

At the end of the journey, the bus will return to the pickup location where unique shops, delicious eats and outdoor adventure awaits. Make it a weekend trip and stay the night at a local hotel, historic inn or exquisite B&B.